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Lost orchard project update. Can we really save an orchard?

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of harvest season at the cidery this fall, we discovered that one of the original lost orchard sites we harvested from in 2016 (the one that inspired our Lost Orchard Project and Lost Orchard Cider), is now in danger of being torn out, and we might not get a chance to harvest it again.

This beautiful urban site is full of mature trees with varieties like Golden Russet, Northern Spy, Cortland, Macintosh and Empire. It was this orchard that inspired us to do our own exploration of Georgian Bay terroir and attempt to showcase the richness of these orchard sites in the bottle.

We originally intended the cider from this orchard to all be blended into a single cider or two, but were so impressed by the quality of the single variety juices that we decided to re-work our lineup to feature the Golden Russet and Northern Spy as single varietal ciders.

Lost Orchard Site in South Georgian Bay

Biodiverse Habitat Windswept Lost Orchard Cider Project Site

While it’s easy for us to see the full benefit of preserving this organic orchard site as the beautifully diverse habitat that it has become, the truth is that orchards take a lot of work. Their natural instinct is to be wild, and the maintenance required isn’t for the faint of heart.

Perhaps that’s what makes these sites that remain, that much more remarkable. As the landscape of Grey County and Georgian Bay continue to evolve, we hope to save a few of these beautiful spots. Wish us luck as we try to save this orchard and bring you more cider from it next year.

Windswept Cider saving the lost orchards of Georgian Bay