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February at the Cidery

This is the time of year when the farm and orchards are dormant, there’s a calm, quiet stillness that allows us to catch our breath. While it's tempting to go into full hibernation mode during those polar vortexes, it’s also when we set pen to paper (or keyboards to spreadsheets) and set ourselves up for the year.

We’re pretty excited about some of the big projects we’re planning at the farm and cidery for 2018. First up in the next few weeks will be pruning in the orchards, later this spring we'll be grafting of another 500 apple tree root stocks. We're also drafting plans for our tiny tasting room, and getting geared up to plant out our first cider apple trees this fall.

Windswept Cider Apple Tree Nursery

Windswept Cider Apple Tree Grafts

While the ground is still frozen, we'll keep ourselves busy with our first production runs for the year. We're pretty pleased with development of our 2017 Lost Orchard Blend - while we loved 2016's blend and can't help but want to try and repeat that, we're also aware that this is a new site, with new apple varieties, and as such really deserves to be celebrated as the unique and rare expression of Georgian Bay terroir that it is. 

Lost Orchard Apple Harvest 2017

Windswept Cider Organic Lost Orchard 2017 Vintage

We’re also bracing ourselves for what could be a very plentiful lost orchard harvest this year. So if you know any one who loves cider and might like to volunteer picking apples with us this year, you'll want to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about our harvest events!