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While our love affair with cider goes back to our WWOOF'ing days in Normandy, it was back in 2005, when a friend gifted us a Kombucha scoby that we introduced to the world of wild fermented drinks. 

After years of brewing and playing around with different combinations, we eventually stopped as we started to move more towards natural sweeteners and eliminating white sugars from our diets.

It wasn't until we discovered Jun in 2015 that we began brewing again.

Jun is a similar scoby culture that ferments with sweet tea, specifically honey and green tea, instead of refined white sugar and black tea as Kombucha traditionally is.

Jun also has a distinctly different flavour profile and is known as the champagne of kombucha's, (or it's wilder cousin). Lighter and more delicate, (ie less acetic/funky) than traditional booch, jun contains all the beneficial probiotics, amino acids, enzymes and polyphenols as it's cousin, while being free of refined sugar.

Our antioxidant rich green teas are carefully sourced from organic fair trade certified suppliers, and we use raw local honey from our trusted friends and partners here in Grey County. In order to preserve the integrity of the probiotics in the brew, our brews are naturally carbonated in bottle and never pasteurized.

Get your Jun delivered here, and check our stockists page for a location near you. Got a favourite spot you'd like to find it? Get in touch here and we'll be in touch!

NOTE:  While we aim to produce a consistent level of bubbles in each brew, these are wild cultures and natural carbonation levels will vary. Because these are living tonics, they must be kept refrigerated. If you prefer your brew more carbonated, or acetic, it may be left at room temperature for a couple of days to continue to ferment. Pressure will increase inside the bottle, so monitor carefully, 'burp' daily and do so at your own risk.