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Portrait of an Apple: Northern Spy

Chances are if you grew up in Ontario, you’ve eaten many a Spy apple in your lifetime. You’re probably also familiar with the old adage “spies are best for pies”.

Listed by the American Pomological Society in 1852 as a new variety of promise, Northern Spies were known even then to be not just great for pies, but for cider as well.  

Old Growth Organic Apple Orchard Heirloom Apple Northern Spy Single Varietal Organic Dry Windswept Cider

Spies were planted in abundance around Georgian Bay and we’ve discovered several Lost Orchard sites that were planted with Spies many years ago. As each one of these organic orchard sites is unique with different soil types and growing conditions, we find ourselves in the unique position to begin exploring the terroir of Georgian Bay apples.

Organic Standard Heritage Apple Orchard Georigan Bay Windswept Cider Single Varietal Northern Spy Rare Dry Cider

 We’ve had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of Spy apples from different orchard sites so far, and there are notable differences in the crops and in the flavour and clarity of the juice. From light and clear with crisp citrus and mineral notes and fresh green apple flavours, to golden straw with baked apple notes - it's clear that they've all got a place at the table.

Our 2016 Single Northern Spy is a blend of spies from the Miller Street and Sunnidale orchards. Our 2016 Perennial and Lost Orchard Cider also include organic Northern Spy apples in the base blend, along with 6 other varieties of organic Georgian Bay apples.

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