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Welcoming the return of light

January 31st, 2020

Catch us at Wychwood Barns
tomorrow 8a-1pm.

Can't make it to market?
(or just want a continuous supply of orchard cider in your life?)

Great news: Bottle Club registration is now live!

Get in on the action with a 3 or 6 bottle subscription delivered to your home at the end each quarter.
Bottle club members receive 2 free tastings at the cidery
(watch for our open hours and Lost Orchard tasting experiences coming this summer!), AND a 10% discount on ciders year round.


This August, it will be five years since we've settled on the farm, and with each new year another layer of familiarity and a sense of being where we're meant to be also settles within us. This time of year, Imbolc or Candlemas, (the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, as it's known on the traditional wheel of the year), is traditionally a time when we begin to release the darkness of winter and welcome the return of spring and light. A time to sow seeds of intention and clear out any remaining debris that no longer serves us.

What does this look like for us?

While we reflect on the year that has passed, we also review our holistic goal (and how this determines our plans for the year ahead), and catch up on inspiration - aka reading through the pile of books on our bedside tables.

One that I'm really enjoying at the moment, is Uncultivated by Andy Brennan - a wise and timely book about realizing the advantages to embracing what we've somehow forgotten or ignored. In a region dominated by conventional apple growing and standardized cider cans, it can be challenging to convey why we do what we do, and our fascination/obsession with wild apples and re-wilding in general.
Andy does a much better than we ever could here.