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Jun Honey Tonics | the Champagne of Kombuchas

Just what are these Jun Honey Tonics anyway?

While our love affair with cider has deep roots, it was actually Kombucha that sparked a love of fermenting all things and eventually lead us to cider, perry and meads.

While we've been brewing Kombucha for decades now, the refined sugar used to make it didn't really fit in with our ethos, and so we sought out alternatives.

Enter Jun. 

Jun is a similar culture that ferments with sweet tea, but is crafted with local honey and green tea, instead of refined white sugar and black tea as Kombucha traditionally is. 

Known as the champagne of kombucha's, (or it's wilder cousin) this lighter and more delicate brew offers all the same benefits as kombucha, as well as the nourishing benefits of green tea and local raw honey. We use only fair trade certified organic teas, and find that this combination results in a lighter more delicate brew that is SO refreshing. 

We just love the way it's sparkling effervescence and hints of honey and flowers delight your senses and gives you a little zip to get you through your day. 

If you're not familiar with these cultures, they're great for digestion, and provide a probiotic boost, as they're full of beneficial enzymes and bacteria that soothe your insides and help maintain a healthy microbiome. 

Join us for a taste and see what all the fuss is about!