Old Orchard Perry

Perry pears are thought to have descended from wild hybrids, known as wildings.

Perry is also known as Pear Cider, Poiré or Pear champagne.

Our Old Orchard Perry 2016 Vintage was made with 100% Wild Perry Pears harvested from the old grove at Windswept Orchards, and hedgerow trees around Frog’s Hollow. Within you'll find a delicate ripe pear aroma, rich palate, and elegant structure. 

From crème brulée to soft cheeses and seasonal market fare, this perry is extremely versatile with any occasion or meal. You’ll love it before a meal as a refreshing apéritif.

Fermented to dry, aged 6 months, bottle conditioned and unpasteurized.

ABV 7.4% 500ml

40 cases produced

All prices include 13% HST and Ontario bottle deposits; $0.20 for bottles of 750 mL and $0.10 for bottles of 500ml.