Golden Russet Single Varietal Dry Bottle Conditioned Windswept Cider

Coveted amongst cidermakers, Golden Russet apples are known for their perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and tannin. Our 2016 vintage was crafted from 100% organically grown Golden Russet apples harvested from the old Miller and Sunnidale orchards near the shores of Georgian Bay. Aromas of honey and baked apple with great structure.

Perfect as a bottle of bubbly for a toast, paired with seafood or to compliment spicy dishes.

Fermented to dry, aged 6 months, bottle conditioned and unpasteurized.

ABV 7.4% 500ml

40 cases produced

All prices include 13% HST and Ontario bottle deposits; $0.20 for bottles of 750 mL and $0.10 for bottles of 500ml.